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Our Customs, Clearing and Freight Forwarding Division consistsof highly competent and experienced individuals. We pride ourselves as the upcoming local, regional and international leaders in the customs clearing and freight forwarding industry.

We provide a one-stop shop for both your imports and export cargo clearances at all ports of entry into Zimbabwe. We provide clearing services for all types of cargo by air,land or sea transport. We will clear your goods for consumption,removal in bond and removal in transit.

We offer a variety of services that include;

  • Consumption
    We conduct consumption customs clearance for your cargo imports at all ports of entry through our branches and partnerships with other agents where we do not have a branch. Under this facility, our consultants will advise you of your duties and tax obligations to Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). We can also manage tax obligations on your behalf through our customs service account for a fee. It should be noted however, that ZIMRA may only release the goodsafter all the taxes and duties have been received.
  • Removal in bond (RIB)
    Under this facility, your cargo will be removed from the port of entry under our customs bond with ZIMRA for forwarding directly into a bonded warehouse. This type of clearance is exclusive of duties and taxes which will only be payable when goods are finally removed for consumption. The goods can be removed for final clearance to be conducted on-site or at an inland Customs house.
  • Removal in transit (RIT)
    We also provide clearance for goods that are in transit through Zimbabwe under our bond from port of entry to port of exit within three (3) days. Our client for removal in transit through Zimbabwe will pay no duties or tax as long as the goods are released under bond for the given period.

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