Customs Clearing Services

Trust Delfina Customs Clearance and Forwarding for swift, transparent, and incomparable customs clearing services.

  • Imports

Import any goods from anywhere in the world, through any port of entry into Zimbabwe, and we ensure that all customs clearance is efficiently handled for you by our experts. We give real-time feedback on the status of your goods as they pass through the clearing process. To ensure more convenience to our customers, we also provide post-clearance services (such as registrations for vehicles) depending on the nature of the goods being imported.

  • Temporary Imports

We also handle all forms temporary imports and issuance of Temporary Import Permits (TIPs) for any items imported on a temporary basis.

  • Exports

Delfina Customs Clearing and Forwarding efficiently handles your exports. We ensure that all your international shipments have the necessary documents for smooth movement of your goods to their intended destination.

Forwarding Services

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