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Our TAX CONSULTANCY division comprises highly skilled, professional and dynamic taxexperts. Their core mandate being the provision of tailor made tax solutions for all our clients in orderto meet their unique and intricate business needs. Our main strength is the innate knowledge of the Zimbabwean, regional and international tax legislation. Understanding that the needs of our clients are unique, our team of dedicated professionals is able to provide you with insightful, tailored tax advice on the wider tax or specific issues and have the experience and knowledge to find you the right solution in the following areas;

  1. Zimbabwe Revenue Authority(ZIMRA) Correspondence.
    Our team of experts is responsible for all correspondence with ZIMRA and other stakeholders for and on behalf of our clients concerning all tax affairs;inclusive of billingqueries, filing of appeals and objections and the entire related liaison. We also manage all tax audits by ZIMRA and provide the relevant explanations and material where necessary.
  1. Registrations.
    Our team of experts will handle all tax registrations with the revenue authority be it for Business Partner number,VAT, PAYE,Withholding Tax,Customs Duty and all other Contra Accounts that may be required by our clients. The team will also compile and submit all tax returns.
  1. Tax health checks.
    Tax health checks are also available to both individual and corporate clients. Our experts understand that our clients require tax updates and reviews from time to time in order to make informed business decisions. We will provide tax checks upon the request of our clients or quarterly in order to identify any omissions and correct mistakes in time thereby saving financial income that would otherwise be charged as interest or penalties. We also provide tax reviews upon request.
  1. Tax advisory services.
    Our team of tax experts will give our clients the current tax advisory service concerning income tax and VAT implications of any transaction. The broad transactions include the following:Corporate Finance, Debt and Capital Raising, Project Finance. We also provide advice on dividends repatriated to both local and foreign investors.
  1. Customer services.
    Our team of experts provides customer based services to enable and maintain strong working relationship with our clients. We also develop software tools tailor made for specific clients’ nature of business to aid data analysis and tax reporting.

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